1. The great Hamburger

The birthplace of the first Hamburger as recognized by the Library of Congress in New Haven, Connecticut. Louis Lassen, the founder, established Louis’s Lunch in the year 1990. The place still serves burgers made from the five-meat blend and cooked in a century-old cast iron grill.

  1. Apple Pie

An old saying that is still commonly used which goes, “American as apple pie.” This is proof that this sweet delight is of national importance to food and culture in the U.S. The dish is a simple mix of sugar, tart sliced apples and buttery pastry that produces such an excellent dessert.

  1. Deep-Dish Pizza

As the name suggests, this high crust and choking volume of cheese and tomato sauce cater to the depth of the dish. This dish is not for the faint-hearted, and one must attempt eating it wearing only dark clothes and using large napkins. This dish was invented at an Uno Pizzeria in the year 1943.

  1. Sausage Gravy & Drop Biscuits

In American terms, a biscuit is a flaky scone made of lard and buttermilk. In Montana, which is famous for horse ranches, people burn a lot of energy working in these ranches and as a result eat to make up for the lost calories. Here, the breakfast consists of biscuits smothered in a thick white gravy that is studded with bits of sausage.

  1. Tax Barbeque

Texans are big-time barbeque enthusiasts. Tenderising rubs and Mesquite smoked meats are common obsessions. Other famous barbeque dishes in Texas are the pork links, pulled pork, collard greens, and beef ribs.

  1. Hominy Grits

Hominy grits which are typical Southern Food are corn milled into a rough powder and then brought to boil along with butter or bacon grease. This dish is paired with shrimp, andouille sausage, brussels sprouts, and sweetened ice tea.

  1. Pot Roast

Beef is eaten and enjoyed all over the United States. This dish is one of the most common beef dishes in every household. This consists of Beef brisket set in a deep roasting pan along with potatoes, carrots, onions, and any other vegetable you’d like to add. Additionally, the pot roast is usually anointed with red wine or sometimes even beer and then covered and cooked either on a stovetop or in an oven.

  1. Buffalo Chicken Wings

This dish was invented in the 1960s,’ and it consists of fried chicken wings glazed by a cayenne-vinegar hot sauce.

  1. Tater Tots

These are American variants of French Fries. They are grated potato mini-balls that are typically cylindrical and fried with a crispy crust and is usually served as snacks.

  1. Meat-loaf

America’s best comfort food and a household recipe. Typically, this dish uses ground meat and seasonings that is molded into a loaf either using a loaf pan or hand-shaped. It is then roasted and topped with sauce or just ketchup to suit your taste buds.